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Marquette vs. Georgetown: Halftime Notes

The Hoyas lead the Golden Eagles after one half at the Verizon Center.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Marquette shooting a high percentage

Over the course of the first 11 minutes of the game, Marquette was 7-for-9 from the field, and that is huge for them. If they want to stay in this game, they need to make shots. They are also doing a good job at getting a lot of rebounds and some second chance points. Georgetown will need to do a good job at defending the three, even though they only gave up four so far.. The defense was on those three's was not good because on one, Marquette was open. The balanced scoring that they have going on is really working for them, Getting shots in the paint. Georgetown is giving up easy shots at the rim.

Georgetown defense is looking suspect

Georgetown has allowed a lot of shots in the paint and Marquette is taking advantage of all the miscues that they're having. On one play, Jabril Trawick yelled at Issac Copeland on defense because he did not do what he needed to. The defense needs to pick up the intensity, because Marquette is having fun scoring the ball downl ow even though they are not leading. Marquette is shooting 62.5 percent from the field and most of that includes shots from the paint and 3 made perimeter shots.

Georgetown offense is struggling

Georgetown's offense has been struggling in the first half so far, but that will need to change going into the second half. Marquette is matching the intensity that they are bringing. Georgetown is only shooting 44.8 percent from the field right now, which is not bad, but could be better because they have a lot of chances to make shots the perimeter, which needs to happen. They also need to stop taking so many shots from the perimeter and get Joshua Smith the ball more in the paint, so the offense can open up because we have not seen the up-tempo offense that we normally see. Georgetown will need to get that going or this will be a grind it out type Big East game.