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(#25) Butler vs. Marquette: Halftime Notes

After a hotly contested half in Milwaukee, the Bulldogs hold a narrow lead over the Golden Eagles

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports


  • Surprisingly enough, it's been all Alex Barlow and Andrew Chrabascz for the Bulldogs today. They've combined for 20 of Butler's 29 points.
  • The guys who usually carry the load for Butler, Roosevelt Jones and Kellen Dunham, are a combined 2-13 with five points (all Dunham). Butler is going to need some production out of those two if they want to escape Milwaukee with a victory
  • KAMERON WOODS DOUBLE-DOUBLE WATCH: Two points, seven rebounds.
  • Butler has eight offensive rebounds in 20 chances. That's an OR% of 40%. That's very good


  • Luke Fischer has eight points for the Eagles, he's their leading scorer
  • Marquette is just 2-8 from beyond the arc
  • They lead the turnover battle by a 5-3 margin