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Villanova vs. DePaul: 3 Point Preview. Alumni Edition

The alcohol-induced Alumni Interview Edition

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

DePaul hosts Villanova at 2:00 PM Eastern. Here is the 'Nova alumni preview:

BECB QUESTION: what is the #1 concern heading into the game with DePaul?

Ryan O'Donohue: that DePaul out rebounds Nova to hang around longer than they should.

Thomas Plis: that DePaul shoots better than Nova from the charity strip to hang around.

BECB QUESTION: what are you most looking forward to in the 'Nova/ DePaul match up?

Ryan O'Donohue: Seeing Jaylen Brunson at the game.

Thomas Plis: 'Chef posting his first triple double of his career.

BECB QUESTION:  What will need to happen for DePaul to win?

Ryan O'Donohue:  a massive letdown for 'Nova.
I have seen Jay Wright's suits, I have seen Oliver Purnell's suits, how can we lose?

Thomas Plis:  'Chef, Arch, Hilliard get into foul trouble, Garrett and Co get to the line and shoot 90% and sneak one out. This constitutes a massive letdown for the Big East as a whole.