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Georgetown vs. Creighton: Halftime notes

Georgetown did a good job in the first half towards the middle, but they closed the half with some energy because of the defense and they got some help from the freshman.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Creighton is not allowing anything easy in the paint

Georgetown has been trying to go inside to Joshua Smith and take advantage of the matchups that Creighton is presenting them with. Smith has been getting doubled team, and he got tripled team at one point in the first half. Georgetown has not been able to score anyways easy inside the paint, but there have been some calls going against Georgetown, which is affecting them. Georgetown has not been able to get the ball from the inside to the outside because of the bodies that Creighton has. It will be imperative that Georgetown gets going and score points inside so the offense can open up.

Georgetown perimeter defense is not good

Georgetown has allowed four three's today so far, which is bad because John Thompson III has been putting an emphasis on that. The team has been playing well, but Creighton is just making shots from the outside. Georgetown needs to close out quicker so Creighton will not be have those opportunities to make shots. Georgetown did do a better job towards the end of the half. They did not allow another three in the half, which is something that John Thompson III is glad to see because in the last game against Xavier, they allowed six in the game, which is okay.

Georgetown is finding an opening in Creighton's defense

There have been some open spots in Creighton's defense, which is around the mid-range area, and that has been open for almost the whole part of the first half. Georgetown needs to continue to take advantage of that area since they have to work to get shots in the paint. Once those shots to start to fall, everything will open up, The team has not been able to get up and down the court. Georgetown did find an open shots on the perimeter because of the aggressiveness of Georgetown driving to the basket. Georgetown's offense will be more effective going into the second half, if they continue to make shots and play well. They closed the half on a 9-2 run also.