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(6) Villanova vs. Seton Hall: Halftime Notes

The Pirates smell an upset as they lead the Wildcats 31-27 at the break

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

  • Seton Hall has seven players with two fouls. That was the story of the first half.
  • Following up on that, Villanova is 10-22 from the free throw line
  • Daniel Ochefu already has 12 rebounds for Villanova
  • JayVaughn Pinkston is 0-4 from the field so far, and has three points from the free throw line
  • This half said a ton about both teams. Seton Hall is incredibly deep and tough. Nova is good enough to shoot 28% in a half and trail by 4.
  • Seton Hall has led for the entirety of the game so far