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Creighton defeats St. John's 77-74: Game Recap

The Bluejays finally nab their first conference win of the year.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

CenturyLink Center is still a tough venue

It doesn't matter if Creighton is first in the conference or last in the conference, their fans still come out in droves. The CenturyLink Center is an NBA-esque venue when full, and the fans are overwhelmingly loud for a visiting team. That was the case tonight, as Creighton got out to an early lead, allowing the crowd to remain red hot for the entire game. It's been tough to get a road victory for any Big East team this season, but when you have to go to the CenturyLink Center, it becomes that much tougher.

We have no idea what to think of St. John's

They hung with Duke the entire game, for the most part, and trailed Creighton for this entire game. Maybe St. John's just isn't a very good team, as inexplicable as that may be. They are, on paper, one of the most talented teams in the conference. I understand you don't play games on paper, but they really should be better than they've been so far in conference play (now 2-5 in the Big East). Joe Lunardi had the Red Storm in the "First Four Out" in Monday's Bracketology. In his next installment, they'll likely be nowhere near the tournament after this loss.

Toby Hegner channeled his inner Doug McDermott

At least that's what it seemed like to me. Hegner had 21 points on 6-7 shooting, a new career high. Five of those six shots were from beyond the arc, and at the half he was a perfect 4-4 from long range. That had to be giving Bluejay fans some flashbacks to Dougie McBuckets. James Milliken also hit a couple big threes down the stretch to help the 'Jays secure the victory.