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Xavier upsets (21) Georgetown: Three things we learned

Georgetown's winning streak comes to end against unranked Xavier, who turned them over 17 times.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Xavier vs Georgetown is always a slow tempo game

Every time Georgetown plays Xavier, it is always a slow tempo game and it's the type of game that will keep Xavier in the game for the most part. The first couple of minutes in the first half, there were a lot of turnovers and a lot of bad shooting for both teams. Georgetown did not have many fast break points and had a lot of turnovers in the first half and Xavier took advantage of those. Georgetown did not get many fast break opportunities because of the fact that Xavier did not allow that. Xavier made Georgetown get into half court sets and run the offense. Georgetown did not have many chances where they could attack the middle of the paint. Xavier did a good job at running the offense and the Hoyas had a chance to win the game, but could not sustain consecutive defensive possessions to get it really close.Xavier has now beat Georgetown twice in conference play,

Georgetown had to many turnovers

Looking at the stat sheet, Georgetown had too many turnovers. Georgetown could not hold on to the ball, but also, they were rushing to get to the rim instead of getting into the half court set. The first half was just horrible because they had 12 turnovers and Xavier converted on a lot of those or got to the foul line. Xavier ran a lot of man in this game and put pressure on the ball a lot and that is one thing that helped them win this game.

Xavier can win on the road

Xavier finally got their first win on the road and it was much needed. To get it against Georgetown, who were ranked 21 is really important. Xavier has to sustain this going further because the schedule does not get easier for them. Xavier has been great with Myles Davis in the lineup, and now they move on to Seton Hall. Seton Hall will be getting Isaiah Whitehead back soon, so it will be tough for Xavier, Xavier needs to make a run late and go on a winning streak so they can have confidence going into Big East Tournament in March.