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DePaul vs. Seton Hall: Halftime Notes

DePaul leads the Pirates at halftime by a score of 36-33. What has gotten us here?

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

  • As per usual, DePaul has done an excellent job of forcing Seton Hall turnovers.  In tonight's game, turnovers have proven to be quite costly, as they have accounted for 13 of DePaul's 36 points.  Those 5 steals have been huge and one can thank Jamee Crockett for that.
  • Myke Henry has been scoring extremely well in the first half, as he has been able to convert when sent to the free throw line.  He hasn't shot the ball very well, but he has done his duty when at the line, which is the main reason for his 10 points scored. Great play so far from him.
  • The Pirates are owning DePaul on the glass at halftime.  DePaul hasn't been a prolific rebounding team, but they have done a much better job in that department since Big East play started.
  • The three point shot has not been kind to Seton Hall at all tonight.  The Pirates are 0/8 from behind the three point line and not even Jaren Sina has been able to get out of the slump.  DePaul hasn't been much better, but at least they've hit a three so far.
  • At the 9:23 mark of the first half, a double technical was assessed to Seton Hall's Sterling Gibbs and DePaul's Durrell McDonald.  The entire half has been foul-laden, so it's looking more and more as if depth will play an incredibly large role in tonight's outcome.