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DePaul vs. St. John's Recap: DePaul hangs on in overtime

DePaul and St. John's battled right into overtime, but Billy Garrett Jr. and the Blue Demons delivered the knock out punch.

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

DePaul has proven they can close a game

Billy Garrett Jr. could have had his best game of his college career so far. His ability to distribute the ball to DePaul’s 3 shooters provided the spark the Blue Demons desperately needed in the second half. When St. Johns played close to the ball, Billy Garrett Jr. was able get to the free throw line where he went 13/13 on the day. While DePaul allowed St. Johns’ to limp into overtime, the defense of DePaul and the careless shots of the Red Storm allowed DePaul to claim what was there. The heart and drive throughout the second half and beyond was something St. John’s simply wasn’t ready for.

DePaul’s team play is here to stay

DePaul’s bench certainly made a difference in providing key relief as the game carried on. The box scored showed Stimage, Simpson, and Wood all making a difference on both sides of the ball. DePaul seemed to struggle in team rebounding prior to Sunday night’s game, yet out rebounded St. John’s by 13. DePaul was shaky toward the end of the game from the line against their win against Xaiver, yet they are now leading the Big East in team free throw percentage. The nonconference showed no signs of a DePaul team hungry for wins and relevancy amongst the Big East. As of late, DePaul’s numbers are evident of success due to their ability to share the ball and work as a unit.

St. John’s took their foot off the gas pedal

DePaul ended the first half with mere 19 points. They had no answer for the Red Storm’s paint presence. Letting DePaul score 42 points in second half got the Allstate Arena back into the game into what turned into intense final 10 minutes including many trips to the line on both ends of the court. St. John’s would not quit, tying the game in the final minutes multiple times as the lead never exceeded 3 points. DePaul simply wanted it more in overtime, and showed that they can close out a tight game. DePaul moves to 4-2 in the Big East with no signs of slowing down. As for St. John's a close loss that leaves you at 1-4 is certainly not an ideal start.