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St. John's vs. DePaul halftime notes

At the end of the first, St. John's leads DePaul by a score of 29-19

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

  • So far in the game, DePaul has been winning the battle on the boards, as Myke Henry and Jamee Crockett have been pressuring and out rebounding St. John's underneath and around the basket.
  • Chris Obekpa has been pretty limited in getting to the ball underneath the rim, so far with only 2 rebounds and three points in the game.  St. John's best rebounding has been Phil Greene with 5.  Perhaps Obekpa is playing a little bit more conservative today to avoid early foul trouble
  • Likewise though, St. John's have been able to get to the ball away from the basket off the steal.  As St. John's so far has 9 steals compared to DePaul's 2.  D'Angelo Harrison leads the Johnnies so far with 3 steals and three other players are tied with 2 steals.
  • In general though DePaul has been sloppy on the ball committing 12 turnovers to St. John's 7 turnovers
  • DePaul shot a dismal 22% from all areas of the floor, 18% from three point range, and 100% from the charity strike.  The biggest blow for DePaul so far has been the inability to get the three ball going, which has been their biggest offensive source so far this season
  • St. John's shot only slightly better in the first, at 37% from all areas of the floor, 29% from three range, and 72% from the foul line.  Phil Greene leads all scorers with 9 points
Enjoy the second half!