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Marquette vs. Xavier: Halftime Notes

The Golden Eagles are out to a nice lead over the Musketeers at Cintas Center after 20 minutes.

Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

  • Matt Carlino has 10 points for Marquette, including two 3-pointers. He's been a big factor for them so far.
  • The game was tied for 18 seconds. Outside of that, Marquette led for the other 19:42 of the half.
  • Matt Stainbrook had two fouls with about seven minutes left in the half. Marquette took it right at him to try and get him to pick up a third. He didn't, but we'll have to see if they continue that strategy in the second half.
  • Juan Anderson has three fouls for Marquette. Something else to monitor in the second half.
  • Marquette has forced 12 turnovers and have 14 points off the turnovers. If you want some insight as to why they hold the lead, start right there.
  • One positive for Xavier: They have eight offensive rebounds and 10 second chance points, so this game could be much worse for them without those.