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Georgetown vs. DePaul: Halftime Notes

At the half, the Hoyas lead DePaul 44-39 after going on a 13-6 run to close out the first 20 minutes of play.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Blue Demons:

  • Aaron Simpson has certainly earned his minutes in the past few games.  His role on the team is continuing to grow with each passing game, as he is continually showcasing his shooting abilities, as well as his incredible toughness for a guard.  He has 6 points so far.  It doesn't sound like much, but he's making the most out of each shot he takes.  He's shooting 100% so far.
  • A bit of a disappointing statline so far from Forrest Robinson.  After having some incredible outings in his first few Big East starts, he has yet to take a shot in this game.  Perhaps he's just saving up for a three-point barrage in the second half.  In contrast, Myke Henry has yet to miss a shot for the Blue Demons.  He's 6/6 so far.  Perhaps he's getting back to his level of play from the beginning of the season?
  • Billy Garrett is doing it all.  What else is new?  He's all over the court, making his presence felt even when he isn't putting the ball through the net.  So far, he has dominated this Georgetown team, scoring 5 points and having 3 rebounds and 2 assists.


  • Every Hoyas player that has stepped on the court tonight has at least a point next to their name in the box score.  That even offense has seemingly left DePaul guessing as to who they're going to next, given their immense amount of offensive firepower.
  • Jabril Trawick has been a force for the Hoyas tonight.  The guard is currently shooting at max efficiency, hitting every shot he has taken so far.  Well, he has missed one free throw, but I won't bring it up if you don't.
  • Their lead is surprising, given how close the two teams are offensively.  This game has been a complete shootout so far, as they percentages have been nearly the same throughout.  Georgetown is shooting 57% so far (57% from three as well!).  DePaul is not far behind.