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Georgetown vs. DePaul 3-point preview

Georgetown looks to win its first game on the road this season against DePaul, who recently got demolished by Villanova.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Will Georgetown offense get out to a fast start?

In conference play, Georgetown's offense has been off to slow starts. DePaul is not a good defensive team, having allowed over 60 points. So Georgetown will need to get out and run since this team likes to run man a lot and some zone. L.J. Peak will be an important part to this game and also Smith-Rivera, who needs to start showing some consistency.

Can DePaul contain Joshua Smith?

DePaul does not have anyone that will be able to physically stop Joshua Smith. Georgetown will likely be doing a lot of stuff that will have him on the high post. If he is down low on the post, DePaul will most likely do what Marquette did, trapping him and giving him all types of looks, so it can be harder for him to post the ball out the area. Georgetown is a good team that can score in many types of ways and Joshua Smith is a huge part of it.

Who will win?

After watching DePaul last week against Villanova, Georgetown will win and the offense will click because Aaron Bowen will need to play some valuable minutes against a pretty decent team. Georgetown has a better offense and defense, but they will need to contain Billy Garrett Jr. and Myke Henry, who is used on more than 28 percent of possessions. This will not be a blowout.