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Georgetown recruiting: Anthony Cowan discusses recent offer

Big East Coast Bias caught up with Anthony Cowan, a Class of 2016 point guard that was recently offered by Georgetown.


Class of 2016 point guard Anthony Cowan, who attends St. John's College High School (Washington, D.C.) recently picked up an offer from the Georgetown Hoyas. During Kenner League play this weekend, Cowan was in the building and Big East Coast Bias had a chance to talk to him while he was watching the games.

Cowan, who was an Georgetown fan when he was young, was really excited when he got the call from assistant coach Kevin Broudus, whom informed him that he was being extended an offer.

"It means a lot to get this Georgetown offer just because I have been a fan of Georgetown ever since I was little," replied Cowan. "Going to Georgetown camps, always going to the games. I was actually the ball boy when I was little so it means a lot to get the Georgetown offer."

After a long month of July for the coaching staff, most of the staff was there including head coach John Thompson III. Cowan talked about having the opportunity to speak to head coach John Thompson III as well.

"I was just up there, just to say what's up to him," said Cowan when asked if he has had the opportunity to speak with John Thompson III directly yet. "Just talked to him a little bit, not too much. I was just up there to say thank you for the offer and just say what's up."

Cowan, who is known for his point guard skills, talked about what could he be if he was to commit to Georgetown. He did go into detail about what they could use him as.

"I think they would use me as a little bit of everything," said Cowan. "The intensity guy, just to come in and be someone who distributes the ball as much as possible. And also if I need to score, I need to score. Getting the big men into the games and getting them the ball. They just said they'd look as a big asset for the team if I did choose to go Georgetown."

With summer ball over, the focus for Cowan is now the 2014-15 high school basketball season. He explained what he has improved on and what we could see from him during the school year.

"I definitely think I got a little stronger," said Cowan. "Definitely think I got a little bit more athletic. I think my shot got a lot better but, then again, there's still a lot more things to work on. Other than that, I think I still have a lot of things to work on in terms of getting into the weight room and all that type of stuff. But, I think I definitely did get stronger and that's my biggest asset right now for the summer."

Last year, point guard Tre Campbell was the starter and Cowan was the backup. So now, Cowan will be stepping into a leadership role on his team with Campbell having graduated.

"I think my biggest role is going to definitely have to be a leader, bringing intensity to the games and definitely scoring," Cowan stated. "But, I think the leadership part is definitely going to be the biggest part for next year just cause the team is going to be so young and there's not going to be that many seniors. So, I know I am going to have to step up and be the second loudest voice on the court other than Coach [McAloon]."

As for goals for the next year, Cowan is keeping it simple.

"St. John's is all about winning," said Cowan. "We're definitely going for the championship each and every year so yeah, I think that's the biggest goal."