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Roundtable: Best Big East Coaching Job

What program has the best coaching gig in the Big East?

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There once was a time when the Big East was a haven for future coaching Hall of Famers. Jim Boeheim, Frank Calhoun, John Thompson Jr. are just some of the men who have been the coaching faces of the most dominant conference of the 80s and 90s.

But once conference realignment combusted the Big East (what a great Week One in college football we've had huh?), it left the conference without a top coach, save Jay Wright. Looking at the Big East now, there is no Boeheim or Calhoun - but there can be.

With so much talent and recruiting still on the rise, the next great Big East coach may be in place. Is it Wright? Maybe a new coach in Steve Wojo at Marquette will ascend to the status of his mentor, Coach K. Or maybe it's the son of John Thompson Jr., already forging his own path at Georgetown.

Whoever that coach may be, he would benefit from the legacy of the program. The passion, the tradition and history of a proud program can go a long way into establishing a coach's credibility before he even calls his first play. So us at Big East Coast Bias got to thinking - what program is the best coaching gig in the Big East?

Sean Saint Jacques - The coaching position in the Big East is an interesting debate because there are many factors in play when thinking of an answer. Is the area around campus nice? Is the team good and can we win now? How nice is the arena? How difficult it recruiting? Those are probably the ones that I would look at first and the one that answers all of those the best is probably the head coaching position at Georgetown. It is in the Washington DC area which is pretty nice and in some areas very beautiful. The team was not good last year, but has gotten better thanks to recruiting. John Thompson III has brought in a top 10 recruiting class, which also takes care of that concern. The Verizon Center is fine, but as long as the Hoyas win who cares right? Also I am a big proponent of history because that usually is one of the keys to recruiting and obviously Georgetown covers that too. When Georgetown is good there is no debate where the best coaching job is and now that they are coming back into relevance I have to go with the Hoyas head coaching position.

Christopher Novak - The best Big East coaching job is the Georgetown job. While the resources at St. John's are good, what with being in the New York City area, the DMV has proven to be a breeding ground for great basketball recruits over the years, and Georgetown has been nothing but an attractive place for many. This also  might have a lot to do with the teams that have since departed for presumably greener pastures. You could argue that the Syracuse job was near the top, as well as the Connecticut job, too. But as it stands, with the current climate of the Big East Conference, Georgetown is, in my opinion, the top job.

Devonte Brooks - At the moment, I think Jay Wright has been doing an excellent job at Villanova. He is bringing in some of the top players in the nation to the school and they have been producing. Wright has also been successful at getting his team to the NCAA tournament.

Ben Florance - In my opinion, the best job in the Big East has got to be Georgetown. Yes, they have high academic standards and yes, they do not play their games on-campus (although playing downtown is certainly better than playing in Landover, where they used to play at the Cap Centre). Georgetown has the most history of any the Big East programs arguably, particularly of late, and it is the chief program in a city that produces its fair share of high-quality basketball prospects. There really is not that much in terms of reasons why the Hoyas should not be at or near the top of the Big East year-in and year-out.

Harrison Malkin - Despite not making March Madness last season, Georgetown historically is one of the best college basketball teams and outside of last year have played consistently well every year. Looking at the past and the present for the Hoyas, it is clear that the school's coaching position is the best in the Big East.

Tim Page -The best coaching gig is St. John's. They haven't enjoyed big time success in a while but when it comes around again they will have the full attention of the #1 media market in the country and quite possibly the world. New York has always been a basketball city and the Johnnies are fortunate to play many games in "The Mecca of Basketball", Madison Square Garden. That pitch sells itself to the talent-laden prospects of the five boroughs. When St. John's are playing well they are unquestionably New York's team. Syracuse is 3 hours away, UConn is nearby in Connecticut, Seton Hall is in New Jersey, which does not equal New York no matter how much the Big Ten wishes it does. NYC will always belong to St. John's if they can field a team worthy of capturing the city's attention. That promise is enough to vault them to the top of the list for best coaching gigs not only in the Big East but all of college basketball.

What is YOUR opinion on the best coaching job in the Big East? Answer our poll and leave your thoughts below.