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What should Butler fans expect from Brandon Miller going forward?

As Brandon Miller's first full offseason as Butler's coach wraps up, Robert O'Neill looks at expectations for this year and beyond.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Compared to the standards Brad Stevens had set, it would be entirely fair to say Brandon Miller's first year at Butler was unsuccessful. In the Bulldogs' case, however, it has to be stated that Miller did not have much to work with. Miller, who played for Butler from 1999-2003, lost his three leading scorers from the previous year, which led to Butler finishing last in the Big East in points per game at 68.5. Rotnei Clarke and Andrew Smith graduated, while Roosevelt Jones missed the entire year with a wrist injury.

When all of that is taken into consideration, it is pretty phenomenal that Miller and the Bulldogs were able to win 14 games.

Going forward, Butler fans should have nothing to worry about with Brandon Miller at the helm.

As bad as the Bulldogs looked at times last year, they had a couple young bright spots.  Andrew Chrabascz and Kellen Dunham are perhaps the two players with the brightest futures going forward for the Bulldogs.

Of course, in-game coaching is only half of what you have to excel at when you coach a college basketball team. The other half is recruiting. Here is a look at Miller's first recruiting class, coming in this season:

Player Position Location Stars
Kelan Martin F Louisville, KY 4
Tyler Wideman F Merillville, IN 3
Jackson Davis F Lexington, KY 3

As you can see, Miller had a pretty successful year in his first season of recruiting. If he is able to land a 4-star player and a couple 3-star players every year, especially out of basketball hotbeds like Indiana or Kentucky, Butler will be contending for the Big East annually.