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Creighton recruiting: Chad Lott cuts list to six schools

A Class of 2015 prospect weaved Creighton into his Top 6 schools, per a report.

Tom Pennington

Chad Lott, the C. E. Byrd High School point guard and No.135 prospect in the 2015 class by Rivals, announced on Twitter on Saturday that he has cut his list of schools to six.

The schools on Lott’s list are LSU, UNLV, Creighton, SMU, Houston and Texas Tech.

"These six schools were the most interested schools on the list," Lott relayed to Big East Coast Bias. "They showed that I was a priority to them. I've developed relationships with all of them and have a good feeling about them...I want to have a legacy. I want to go into college and be a program changer by the time I leave. I want them to look back at the beginning of a great program and being one of the reasons why the program uprised...ya know? Start a revolution."

Lott told Big East Coast Bias that he will make his college decision when he is positive that he wants to attend the school, and hopes to commit before the high school basketball season starts.