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Q&A with rising 2016 prospect Rawle Alkins

Big East Coast Bias reached out to 2016 small forward Rawle Alkins before the second evaluation period for a question and answer session.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sport

In the Class of 2016, people think of players like Jayson Tatum, Harry Giles, Dennis Smith, Thon Maker and more. But there is one player that has been blowing up on the circuit, and his name is Rawle Alkins. Alkins, a 6-foot-4 small forward from Brooklyn, New York, has been on the rise for a while now and has been racking up offers from the likes of the Villanova Wildcats, Seton Hall Pirates, Hofstra Pride, Kansas Jayhawks, Providence Friars, North Carolina State Wolfpack, Louisville Cardinals, and many more.

Here's what Alkins had to say when Big East Coast Bias had a chance to talk to him.

BIg East Coast Bias: So you have been blowing up lately, with the amount of offers that you have gotten, and interest from schools, what do you think of that?

Rawle Alkins: I just think it's a blessing. Seeing everything I have been working hard for is starting to show, and people are starting to realize that i am a top prospect in 2016 and that's all because of my dedication and hard work.

BIg East Coast Bias: For those who are unaware, how would you describe your playing style?

Rawle Alkins: I'm a high motor guy, athletic, and skilled player in all aspects.

BIg East Coast Bias: What are some of things that you have improved on since the spring?

Rawle Alkins: Mostly everything, especially ball handling. I feel like you cannot just focus on one thing, so I typically work on everything.

BIg East Coast Bias: Nice. I have seen some of your YouTube videos and really like your style. When do you think you started to blow up? Every day, I see your name and it says you have been offered by several schools. For example, you just got offered by Providence and Louisville today. What do you think of think of all of this? I know it has to be fun and enjoying, doesn't it?

Rawle Alkins: Every day, I find out something new about myself. I am starting to take in the process more and starting to get used to it. But i still don't feel like I've accomplished anything yet.

BIg East Coast Bias: Staying humble is already something I have noticed about you. So you recently got offered by Providence. Do you have any relationship with the staff yet?

Rawle Alkins: Not really. Mostly because they just reached out to me today.

BIg East Coast Bias: What are your for this season, both personal and team-related?

Rawle Alkins: Win four straight titles and be the first in New York history do it. And go to college for free.

BIg East Coast Bias: Well the opportunity has come with the amount of offers you have. What AAU circuit do you play on?

Rawle Alkins: I play on the adidas circuit.

BIg East Coast Bias: Would you say that out of all the three circuits, adidas, Nike, and Under Armour, that there is a balance of talent?

Rawle Alkins: I personally feel that adidas is the best.

BIg East Coast Bias: It's pretty loaded, would you say that with the amount of talent on the circuit?

Rawle Alkins: Yes, but I wanted to choose my own path.

BIg East Coast Bias: So if I am correct, you have an offer from the Villanova Wildcats. What is the relationship with Jay Wright and the coaching staff?

Rawle Alkins: He's a pretty cool guy. All of them are really cool.

BIg East Coast Bias: What do you like about Villanova and, if you commit there, what type of contributions you think you can make?

Rawle Alkins: I do not have any favorites at the moment. If i go anywhere, I feel like I can lead them to a championship.

BIg East Coast Bias: What is your plans for July? Do you have any visits that you might take, or will you just be in the gym?

Rawle Alkins: I have nothing planned as of right now, but hopefully something will show up.

BIg East Coast Bias: Are you close with anyone on the adidas circuit?

Rawle Alkins: Of course. My man Deron Davis, and Chad Brown also.

BIg East Coast Bias: What is the relationship like with them?

Rawle Alkins: We are like brothers, and they are real cool people.

BIg East Coast Bias: What was the adidas unrivaled camp like? Talk about the experience being there with some of the best players on the circuit.

Rawle Alkins: We had loads of talent. No game we played was a bad game, and there were great coaches and instructors.

BIg East Coast Bias: What did you learn from the coaches and instructors while you were there?

Rawle Alkins: Mostly late-game situations, and to make smarter decisions when you are up in a close game.

BIg East Coast Bias: In the NBA, who would you compare yourself to or model your game after?

Rawle Alkins: I'm like a baby LeBron James.

BIg East Coast Bias: What is your favorite move?

Rawle Alkins: The spin move, for sure.

BIg East Coast Bias: Can you recall Sunday, June 15, when coaches were allowed to call 2016 prospects? Who was the first coach to call you, and were you excited?

Rawle Alkins: I got a text from Rick Pitino, and I thought it was so cool.

BIg East Coast Bias: It has to feel good to be talking to some of these high-profiled coaches.

Rawle Alkins: It does. But like I said, I am starting to get used to it.

BIg East Coast Bias: What is up next for you in July?

Rawle Alkins: Las Vegas on Thursday.

For now, Alkins will continue to play on the circuit. Expect to hear his name being being brought up much more as time goes on.