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Kenner League recap: The freshman take off in week three

Big East Coast Bias gives you a full recap of what happened this past weekend at Kenner League.

Nate Shron

Big East Coast Bias brings you another recap of how each of the players played this weekend:

Tre Campbell - Campbell only played one game of the Clyde's this weekend and that was on Sunday. In that contest, Campbell scored 27 points and this was the best performance I have seen throughout the summer. One thing that Campbell has been trying to do is improve his perimeter game and that was in full effect, as he made five 3-pointers on the afternoon.

Paul White - White had his best performance of the summer as well on Sunday. He finished with 15 points and seven rebounds, doing it all and showed his aggressiveness on the offensive end of the floor. That is one thing that I was looking forward to seeing him do as I talked about in my recap of last weekend. The play of White this weekend was really impressive for the fans, and should prove to be a preview to what we might see from in the future.

Trey Mourning - Trey Mourning did a nice job at not taking a lot of 3-pointers as he did last weekend, and finished the weekend with eight points and 14 rebounds. Trey did make one three pointer and he looks comfortable taking the shot, but the thing that impressed me was that he was doing the dirty work around the basket and was not scared to battle with the big boys down low.

Issac Copeland - Copeland was the only freshman to play on both Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, Copeland was surreal, going a perfect 7-for-7 from the foul line and finishing with 24 points. He added four rebounds, two blocks and two steals.

Then on Sunday, Copeland got help from his freshman teammates and he still played well. He finished the game with 15 points and scored in a variety of ways. The thing about his game is that he plays so smooth and does not force the issue when he is having a bad game, and that is perhaps what I like the most.

LJ Peak - In his lone game on Sunday, Peak flashed a superfluous amount of talent, going on to whip up a spectacular 37-point performance. The way he played this weekend was a like a memorable game from when he was in high school in South Carolina. Peak is at best when he has the ball in his hands because he can create for himself. He can drive the ball, shoot the mid-range jumper when he wants to, and pass the ball. One thing is for certain: The Peak Show was in full effect for a second straight weekend.

Reggie Cameron - Cameron has been a little shaky as of late and he needs to have an breakout game to get his confidence going. On Saturday, he finished with four points and six rebounds and then on Sunday, he barely got off the bench, which is a bad sign for someone of his caliber. Cameron has not had an efficient game in a while, and that needs to change quickly.

Riyan Williams - Williams played okay for a walk-on this weekend, finishing with four points and six rebounds. He did play a good amount of minutes on Saturday, and seemed to impress most throughout his time on the floor. His confidence appears to be growing with each passing moment on the court.

D`Vauntes Smith-Rivera - Smith-Rivera played really well this weekend. On Saturday, he finished the game with 18 points, nine assists and six rebounds. This was a good performance because he did everything that he needed to do, scoring and passing the ball at will. This is what the coaching staff is looking for, given that he will have more duties as a point guard.

Bradley Hayes - Hayes was okay this weekend as he battled against another Hoya big in Mikael Hopkins. The big man finished with four points, five rebounds and two blocks, and the hook shot was not falling for him this weekend. But as times rolls along, he will continue to get the confidence he needs to succeed this season.

Mikael Hopkins - Hopkins' better performance was better on Saturday than on Sunday because he finished with 17 points, nine rebounds and two assists compared to 11 points and five rebounds on Sunday. He was aggressive and was driving to the basket and taking advantage of the big men he is going against.

Jabril Trawick - Saturday, Trawick was looking good. He finished Saturday with 24 points, but on Sunday only finished with 13. Trawick was more aggressive on Saturday and on Sunday he looked out of it, but those types of moments will happen from time to time.