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NBA Free Agency: Could there be a reunion in Boston with Brad Stevens and Gordon Hayward?

A Butler reunion could very well be in the works, if things go according to plan.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

It had been reported when free agency first started that Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens called Gordon Hayward of the Utah Jazz, according to Boston Herald's Mark Murphy, and both the Celtics and Gordon Hayward have mutual interest in one another.

The Jazz plan to match any offer that a team throws out there. Sherrod Blakley of CSN New England reported that it is unlkely the Celtics land him, and the only way the Celtics can land him is if they do a sign-and-trade with the Jazz. The question is: what player on the Celtics do the Jazz want?

Sorry Jazz fans, you are not getting Rajon Rondo. So do not get that image painted in your head, or even dream about it.

The Celtics can trade Jeff Green, as they have been shopping him, and have been looking to get an upgrade. Celtics fans are questioning Green because he can go from showing terrific potential, to someone who does not even look involved. With consistency being the biggest issue for Green, it might be best to look for somebody who can bring that to them. And if the Celtics trade Green for Hayward, they can get that, and a sense of familiarity as Hayward will fit into Brad Stevens' system.

The two, of course, have their fair share of history with the Butler Bulldogs.

Last season, Hayward averaged 16.2 points, 5.2 assists and 5.1 rebounds in 77 games. By looking at some of his stats, he can bring the type of consistency that the Celtics need that at the small forward positon.

At the same time, Green is a good player and can he can be efficent in a more up-tempo system. If the Celtics do keep him, they would need to run more of a fast break-related offense with such a young team, and only then will they really get a good view of how successful Green really is.

For now Celtics fans, and Butler fans who follow the NBA, Ainge has a lot of work to do this offseason. It was reported that he called 30 players. Ainge is known for making moves, so I would not be shocked if Hayward is Boston when the season starts. Hayward and the Jazz face too much tough sledding ahead of them in the Western Conference, so should he be shipped to Boston, he will be in a less competitive conference and could make life much easier for the former Butler Bulldog.