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Profiling Jabril Trawick going into his senior season

Devonte Brooks gives you the 411 on Georgetown's Jabril Trawick.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Going into a critical year for Georgetown Hoyas, the spotlight will shine bright on one of its star players. Jabril Trawick, who is set to go into his final season in Washington, D.C., has contributed throughout all his years so far at The Hilltop. In his first three seasons, Trawick has not averaged double figures, but has the potential to be a force in the Big East Conference assuming he puts it together.

Trawick has been a player that has been taking small steps to develop his game as opposed to giant leaps. When he was coming out of high school and committed to play for Georgetown, ESPN did a scouting report on him. Below is what ESPN had to say when he was coming out of high school:

Trawick is somewhat of a late bloomer so he's got that going for himself. This wing approaches the game with an edge, like he's always got something to prove and competitiveness is a strength of his. He's nasty off the dribble to the rim and bullish in his approach. When he wants to punish you with his body he can.

His jump shot goes down but it tends to get flat. He has confidence to pull it and could be a good shooter, simply has to get his rotation and arc adjusted. Will have to develop a mid-range pull-up game once he gets to college and the driving lanes shut down. Would also like to see him improve without the basketball and transition from scorer to passer.

Bottom Line:
He's the kind of wing you want to play alongside. Should bring an attitude and measure of toughness to the Hoyas. He'll be a kid who prefers to score, will accept tougher defensive assignments and be a four year bulldog.

Now in college and going into his senior season, things have changed each season for Trawick. He can do some of the things he was doing in high school, but at a much better level at his point. He still has an edge to himself that is very visible. HIs mid-range game has come a long way and that is like one of his sweet spots on the floor, with growing admiration for his pull-up jumper. He is now a very confident shooter since I have seen him and during the summer at Kenner League, his perimeter game has been one the things that seems to finally be coming around.

If Trawick did not get injured last season, he would have been in store for a big season, but the broken nose he suffered really hurt both him and the Hoyas. While he should easily step into a leadership role in his fourth year, people can not people should be wary of putting too much pressure on him.

I think Jabril Trawick will have a huge season because he has added some new things to his game and that will play a huge role in his game this season. Him adding the perimeter shot will make an impact for him and Georgetown, and will make the Hoyas one of the top teams in the Big East Conference.