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Q&A with Class of 2015 recruit Josh Sharma

Big East Coast Bias' Devonte Brooks got the chance to sit down with Josh Sharma of the Class of 2015, a player being courted by two Big East schools in Xavier and Marquette.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Recently, Class of 2015 recruit Josh Sharma went on a long road trip with some of his high school teammates, and Big East Coast Bias had the chance to talk with him about being with his teammates and what it was like visiting those schools.

Devonte Brooks: Okay. So you went to all these schools to take unofficials, talk about what it was taking it them with your teammates and bonding with them?

Josh Sharma: It was a great experience taking them. What's a better way to get closer with your teammates than spending hours every day with them in a car?

Brooks: It must have been tiring and fun at the same time?

Sharma: Yeah, exactly.

Brooks: Let's talk about those schools, and I want you to tell me what stood out to you for each of them. Let's start with the first school, Penn State.

Sharma: I liked the coaching staff and their main idea of "attitude."

Brooks: Ohio State?

Sharma: The biggest school we visited by quite a bit. I liked the coaching staff there as well, and obviously they have really nice facilities.

Brooks: Xavier?

Sharma: They're mainly recruiting Ian, but it was a smaller school. Nice campus, and only a basketball school which was different from the others.

Brooks: Purdue?

Sharma: Great engineering school. Had first and last man on the moon go there, and I felt comfortable around the coaches.

Brooks: Illinois?

Sharma: Really enjoyed hanging out with coaching staff, and I enjoyed what Coach Groce is trying to do with the program.

Brooks: Iowa?

Sharma: In a nice city. Head coach wasn't there at the time so I can't say much about that. I felt comfortable with a few of players on the team that were there.

Brooks: Wisconsin?

Sharma: In Madison, one of the nicest college cities. I really like the coaches and it's a great program. I also felt really comfortable with the players on the team there, as well.

Brooks: How about Northwestern?

Sharma: They're really just recruiting Falzon, but it's a great campus. First college I've seen with multiple beaches and a great coaching staff there, too.

Brooks: Let's go up north to Marquette. What was your impression there?

Sharma: I really like Coach Wojo, who of course is very new to the job. He's trying to turn the program around, and it's got a pretty nice campus, which was surprising to me.

Brooks: Now onto Notre Dame. A former Big East school.

Sharma: It's a really nice campus. I like the coaches there, who are also trying to build up the program.

Brooks: Michigan?

Sharma: Great school, great facilities, and I enjoyed spending time with the coaches there as well.

Brooks: Okay. That's nice. Now what are some of the things that you are looking for in your ideal school?

Sharma: A school that I'll feel comfortable at and help me get to the next level. Academics will also play a big factor.

Brooks: True. Talk about what areas have you grown in since AAU started?

Sharma: Just getting more confident with my back to the basket and facing up also.

Brooks: What are some of the strengths of your game?

Sharma: I'm athletic and stand at 7-feet tall. I'm a good shot blocker, and also fairly versatile.

Brooks: A lot of coaches are looking for someone like that right now. What are your expectations going into your senior year of high school for basketball?

Sharma: I think we will be pretty good. We are returning a lot of guys and we picked up a few very talented younger guys.

Brooks: How long have Xavier and Marquette been recruiting for? What is the relationship like with Coach Wojo and the coaches from Xavier?

Sharma: Xavier is not really recruiting me, but I've been talking to Marquette for a little while now. When we visited, that was the first time I talked with Coach Wojo personally.

Brooks: What was the conversation like with him?

Sharma: Overall he feels that I can help them move that program forward.

Brooks: What do you have up next after all these visits? Do you plan on talking with your family and cutting the list?

Sharma: I am going to wait until the fall to decide where I'm going to take my last officials to, and then I'm going to try and decide quickly after that.