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Georgetown Recruiting: Hoyas commit Noah Dickerson performed well at NBPA Top 100 Camp

In his second run through the NBPA Top 100 Camp, Noah Dickerson learned several lessons and continued to improve on the floor.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Noah Dickerson was one of three Georgetown commits from the Class of 2015 who participated in the NBPA Top 100 Camp in Charlottesville, Virginia last week. This marked the second consecutive year that Dickerson, a native of Montverde, Florida, was invited to the camp.

Many consider this 6-foot-8 power forward to be one of the most talented big men in his class and one that should thrive in John Thompson III's system with relative ease. Down in Hampton, Virginia for the third EYBL session, Dickerson played very well and his post moves really paid off. This was just another opportunity for Dickerson to learn from former and current NBA players, and Dickerson really appreciates that he was invited to the camp.

However, he still understands that he has plenty of work to do in order to achieve at the next level and beyond. Playing in the Big East Conference will require Dickerson to add more strength and muscle mass as well.

"You know its great," said Dickerson, the four-star recruit. "I am glad people think that. But it really means nothing to me because I still have to get better. Accolades really aren't much until I get to where I want to be so I just have to keep working."

Because this is his second run through the camp, Dickerson understood what was expected of him from the get-go. When talking to him, he showcased superb amounts of energy and wants to soak up as much information as possible in order to fine tune his game. Whilst at the camp, the instructors taught off-the-court lessons, touching on important subjects like drunk driving in order to ensure these young athletes know what's right and wrong.

The NBA players that were at the camp were trying to teach the campers to take the high road when the faced adversity. And Dickerson continued to soak everything in.

"I am trying to learn as much as I can from all the guys around me, all the NBA players," Dickerson told me. "I am trying to take in all the advice they give us, telling us what to do and what not to do. Just taking in everything I can. This is my second year so I get to see it all over again. I am remembering a lot of the stuff that we did. A lot of the speakers and things, so it's just a week of training, really."

A week before the camp, Dickerson was on the Georgetown campus with a few of his Georgetown teammates. He had a good time, based off of his tweets, but it was also a time for him to see how much college athletes have to put in on and off the court.

"It was fun," said Dickerson. "It was a lot of work. It made me realize that I have a lot of work to do before college to get ready for the type of training that they do. But, other than that, I had a great time. The coaches were great and the guys were great, and I stayed with Tyler Adams."

Meanwhile, at Montverde Academy, Noah has been trying to lose body fat. That was the one problem he had before he moved to Montverde, and his body has changed a lot since being there. Although he did encounter a stomach virus at one point, Dickerson has been gaining a lot of agility. He was moving much faster at the camp and was beating other big men down the court.

Before heading into his senior season, the goal for Dickerson is to continue to improve his body frame.

"I am working a lot on my body," Dickerson said to me. "I am lifting and I got a lot bigger than I was before previously because I lost 30 pounds because of a stomach virus. I have gained a lot of that weight back but I am gaining it in the right places. I am lifting weights about four times a week and working on my agility. For basketball, [I'm] mostly working on my ball handling and shooting."

Dickerson has been doing some recruiting lately. At the camp, a few Hoya targets were there and one of the people he has been trying to get to join him in Washington, D.C. is fellow Class of 2015 recruit Tyler Dorsey. Dorsey recently reopened his recruitment, having previously committed to Arizona.

"Yeah," replied Dickerson when asked if he had been actively recruiting any other players to join him at Georgetown. "I am recruiting, no doubt. I am talking to Tyler Dorsey trying to get him up to Georgetown."

When it comes to what Dickerson wants to major in, the young man told me he had his eyes set on one school of thought in particular.

I think I want to major something around business," said Dickerson. "Georgetown has a great business school and I am interested in that. Maybe financial business or accounting, I am really good with numbers."

Expect Dickerson to be a force at Georgetown when he comes on campus officially.