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Mock NFL Draft- Big East Style

Its draft night, so might as well try to compare it to Big East basketball.

Cooper Neill

Big East teams don't play any (Division I) football anymore, so the NFL Draft has lost a bit of its luster for fans of the conference. Never fear, here's how some of the best hoops players would fare if Gruden and Boomer were breaking them down.

#1 Pick- Doug McDermott, Creighton

No question here. Dougie Basketball is head and shoulders above the rest of the "draft class". 26.7 PPG, 7.0 RPG. Forget team need, you just go with best player available.

First QB Selected- Bryce Cotton, Providence

Not sure how his talent relates at the next level, but they don't make the NCAA Tournament without him. Tops assist rate in the conference (34.8), so he has a good arm and the largest minutes percentage in the nation which will keep pressure off your backup QB.

Johnny Manziel Falling Draft Stock Award- Semaj Christon, Xavier

Gaudy numbers (17.0 PPG) and a decent team, but hard to see him play at the next level. Get past the headline stats and the highlight reel and there are a lot of question marks. 11 of 19 players who used at least 24% of their teams' possessions in the Big East had a higher offensive rating than Christon.

Tom Brady Late Round Surprise- Ethan Wragge, Creighton

There's always room for somebody who throws touchdowns, or puts the ball in the basket. Wragge did it better than anybody this year. His effective field goal percentage was nine points better than anybody else in the league. He could play on Sundays for somebody.