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Malik Newman and Diamond Stone a Package Deal?

2015 recruits might play in college together.


It has been reported from multiple media outlets over the past few days that 2015 Malik Newman and 2015 Diamond Stone will play in college together. Big East Coast Bias talked to Newman about last week in Hampton and he said it was a possibility. Source told Big East Coast Bias that nothing is 100 percent in recruiting but they really like the idea. Same source also said that it look Diamond Stone most likely will not be attending Georgetown because of this package deal that might be happening soon.

It seems like the two players have a good relationship with each other. I've never seen Stone play, but Newman is beast and can score the ball like crazy. We do not know a commitment date for the both of them, but it may happen soon. If this does happen or something changes, I would not be shocked because it's recruiting and players tend to change they mind a lot.