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Breaking News: Highly recruited 2015 Dwayne Bacon is transferring to Oak Hill

The highly recruited player is transferring to Oak Hill.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

2015 Dwayne Bacon is transferring from McKeel Academy to Oak Hill, his coached announced. Bacon is a highly recruited player and Georgetown is targeting him really hard and this gives them the chance to pursue harder than  what they're doing.Big East Coast Bias talked to Bacon real quick and asked him why he transferred. Bacon gave a good response about why he made the transfer.

"Because they develop players and send them to the league. Not only just players, but big time players and I can be the same way." Bacon told Big East Coast Bias via text.

This is the truth because he is must see talent when he plays. He has terrific athleticism and can make you say "wow". Bacon is being targeted by a lot of schools and for Georgetown this just helps them because it will be easier for them to get him on campus. Oak hill has produced a lot of NBA talent and with Steve Smith being the head coach of Oak Hill, it will help a lot because he is playing a tough state and conference. Bacon will be a travel to a lot of tournaments that are competitive.

247sports has Bacon as a five-star and a lot of scouts and college coaches would agree to that. Bacon can do a lot and  he can get up the floor really fast. As of now, Bacon is playing with Showtime Ballers. We Will have an intensive interview with Bacon Sunday or Monday so be on the lookout for that.