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Georgetown Commit Jessie Govan Talks More About His Commitment

Class of 2015 forward plays well on and off the ball.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Georgetown has picked up three commitments in the class of 2015. The recent one has come from 2015 Jessie Govan, who plays AAU basketball for New York Lightning. Big East Coast Bias was up close watching Govan and there is a lot of good things that he can do with the basketball and when he does not have the basketball.

Watching Govan's first game, one of the things I noticed was that he can create for his teammates because of his size. Just with his size, he bring so much attention to the defense. Govan knows how to run the pick and roll really well. He sets a lot of good screens for his team to either create for the person with the ball or to get to the paint and score, which is really good. Govan talked about that a little bit with and how that's apart of his game.

"It's part of my game, the pick and roll," said Govan. "So I just try and set good screens and roll off them and I get easy buckets off of those." By Govan setting those screens for his teammates, it draws attention to the point guard which opens up for him because he is at the paint and the guard can already just pass the ball to him. That is a good skill that he has because Georgetown runs some pick and roll or screen action a lot.

Govan jump shot is really good and is quick. It is hard for defenses to block that shot because it's kind of high release. I would say something like Kevin Garnett because he can step out to around 15-17 feet range, which is near the free throw line or a little bit closer. Since Govan is able to step out and make that shot, defenders will be confused and would need to make a quick decision. The decision will either be to play him tight or allow him to post up.

Recently, Govan did an recent interview with Michael Bohlin of Hoya247 and told him a couple of things about how defenders will have a problem with defending him because of his style of play. Here is what Govan told Hoya247 in a previous interview he did.

"If they leave me open I am going to take it at that point," said Govan in a previous interview. "If I can bring out the defense that brings more scoring opportunity for me, and my team, so just having that part of my game makes the game easier for me and my team."

I can compare Govan game to like Garnett's because he can do the same thing and by bringing the defense out, it does helps him because of his versatility and what he can do with the ball. He can go to paint and shoot the jumper. Govan does have good defense and the Hoyas do not have to worry about that when he gets on campus.

When Goavn took his visited to Georgetown, a lot of people was not expecting him to commit a couple of days later after his unofficial to the hilltop. It did not take long for him to be welcomed when he committed because the twitter reaction was good and the class of 2014 and the others welcomed him. Govan reached out to head coach John Thompson III when he decided that Georgetown was the right choice.

"Last Sunday," replied Govan when asked when he informed the staff of his decision. "I called Coach Thompson and he was ecstatic. He called Coach Hardy right away and then he called me. I just felt welcomed by them right away."

Govan also feels comfortable with the school and players. The school is the right fit because it is known for a big men school and that is one of the reasons why he committed to the school. Govan did take time to elaborate on the decision.

"It's a big man school," said Govan. "When I was on my visit, I felt comfortable. The coaches made me feel comfortable, the players made me feel comfortable and it's somewhere I feel like I could call home in a few years so I just decided to make it official."

Govan has a wonderful relationship with the team and his recruiter Tarvas Hardy and it has grew a lot. Govan talked about how the school makes him feel good and it's like his father with the group of guys he will be playing with in 2015.

"I feel like they could be like my father's when I am at Georgetown," said Govan. "Like they'll take care of me when I am out there and they have a good relationship with me. It just made me feel at home when I went on a visit and had conversations with them so it made me feel comfortable. "

Govan will make a good impact when he steps on campus for the Hoyas. The Hoyas are getting a special player and a player that can do good things with and without the ball. Keep up with Govan because he has been doing well on the EYBL circuit so far.