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Team Texas PG Austin Grandstaff offered by Maryland

Class of 2015 Georgetown, Marquette, and Xavier target

Joe Robbins

2015 PG Austin Grandstaff of Team Texas Elite, receives an offer from Maryland. Austin is on the radar of a lot of schools such as Georgetown, Marquette, Xavier, Florida, and more. Austin is a point guard that can shoot the ball, can get to the rim, pass the ball and defend. Austin can play the one or the two.

The latest schools to offer Austin is Texas Tech and Oregon. In a recent interview with Texastech.247sports, Austin told them that Florida, Ohio State, Michigan, and Oregon. Austin also told them that he might try to take an unofficial to Texas Tech."(Tech) is pretty close to home so I might try to take an unofficial up there, but I'm not sure yet," Grandstaff said. "I saw the progress they made, coach Smith really turned them coach smith turned them around this year. Maryland does intrigue Grandstaff a source told BECB because of the style of play and has a great coach

According to 247sports, Austin is rated 98 overall, which equals four stars and is fifth best shooting guard in the nation. Last season at Rockwall, Austin averaged 28 points, seven rebounds, and four assists per game