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2015 Ivan Rabb talks Georgetown and more

Five-star PF also being recruited by Kansas, Arizona, Kentucky, and Cal.

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On day 1 of session 3, 2015 Ivan Rabb, who is considered by a lot of people to be the best player in the class, but that is up for debate. Ivan Rabb is a big men, who can do a lot and help out his team in a lot way. To me, he is a rebounding monster and can get a double-double against anybody. In the first game, he finished the game with 22 points and 13 rebounds. Watching Rabb, he can score in the low post, shot the ball in the mid range area. Also, he has an soft touch around the basket and can block shots. He is really quick for a big men. One thing that he needs to do to produce at the next level is get stronger to be better. Also, the footwork is something that he needs to work on.His high school coach told Big East Coast Bias that he "needs to improve everything, but strength is one thing that he is working on right now.

Oakland Soldiers is the AAU team that Rabb plays for and they beat All Ohio Red in the second game on Day 1 with the score being 69-53. For Rabb, he did not play the whole game because at one point he tweaked his back and he sat out  for most of the game. After the game, Rabb talked about his back and how he felt after the game. Hid AAU coach did take precaution and did not play him as much.

"I'm not sure what happened," Said Rabb. I think I was just going for an offensive rebound and somebody hit me on the upper back. It hurts really bad. It's painful when I move, but I'll be good tomorrow." His mom told Big East Coast Bias that she put some icy hot on his back. That did help a lot because in both games on day 2, he looked really well and was not showing any sign of pain.He was moving very effectively and getting rebounds.

The injury was really hurting him because he only finished with 4 points, 7 rebounds, 2 assists, and 2 assists in just 19 minutes of play. Although Rabb did not play much, he was happy for the win and he was able to play. One thing that Rabb needs to do is be aggressive and that's what he talked about.

"First half I don't think I played well, I wasn't really aggressive enough." Said Rabb. " But I think for the most part I played alright, could have gotten more rebounds in the first half. But I am still happy with my team, we won, we came together, we finally coming together and playing well and that's what its about. Its not about my numbers. its about the whole team."

In the first game, Rabb played really well and finished the game with 22 points and 12 rebounds in only 23 minutes, which is really good. The Oakland Soldiers beat The Challenge 83-51 and he talked about how he thought he played in the game.

"First game I thought I played great." Said Rabb. I was really aggressive, I got to the line I think seven times. If we continue to play like we did these two games we'll go undefeated this weekend, we just got to continue to work." Well the Soldiers did go undefeated and played well as a whole, which is really good for them.

Watching Rabb, he is really aggressive and likes to force the issue when he is playing the game. Not just on the defensive end, but also on the offensive end. Rabb described his type of the style and one thing he mentioned was getting rebounds and blocking shots. For Rabb, it is something that fits his game well because he is tall with long arms and is really lengthy.

"For me, I think for the most part I like to get all the rebounds," said Rabb. "I like to block a lot of shots. Most games I stay out of foul trouble, today I think I had three. On the offensive end I don't think anyone can guard me one-on-one. If you're strong I am quicker than you and if you're too little I am going to take you right down to the block. I just have to get in the mode early and go hard at somebody and once I get to the line the first time I settle down."

Rabb is from California and since his team was in Virginia this weekend, he decided to go on some unofficial visits this week. Rabb is not always on the east coast and since he was, it allowed him to set up some visits to schools. He set up an unofficial with both UNC and Georgetown. Both schools have strong interest in him. Monday Rabb is taking an unofficial to UNC and Tuesday he will be coming to DC to visit the hilltop. Rabb did talk about what he is looking for in a school both basketball wise and academics.

"In a school, academic wise, I want to major in some type of business and right now I am thinking real estate," said Rabb. "Basketball wise, both of those schools I really like their system and how they get their big men involved. I like the coaching staff, from what I have heard the players are really friendly and they like to go hard in practice. That's what I am looking for; I am looking for a challenge every day and a good city."

The Hoyas and Tar Heels are recruiting him the hardest and getting him on campus early is a good sign for both schools because then it will decide if he will take officials to both schools. Rabb noted that Georgetown and UNC is making it a priorty to get him to commit.

"North Carolina and Georgetown are recruiting me really tough," replied Rabb. "They both like me a lot, and I am one of their priorities. They really want me that's all I can say."

Rabb did play with one of the Hoyas 2015 commits. Rabb played with Jessie Govan. Rabb talked about how he like Jessie's game and he described also. He compared it to one of his AAU teammates. Rabb wants a school that fits him the best.

"I have played with Jessie before," said Rabb. "I really like Jessie's game, he's a face up center just like [Stephen Zimmerman] is, I like playing with him. I have never played with Noah, but at the end of the day it's going to be the best fit for me. I am confident in my game enough to where I can go to a school and play as soon as I get there no matter who is in front of me."

Even though he is from Caliafornia, he still knows the history behind the Hoyas program. He compared his a game to a former Hoya and also plays with the Boston Celtics. The player that he talked about was Jeff Green and described some of the similarities.

Kevin Broadus is recruiting Rabb hard and he stays in regular contact with the big man. Rabb has a good relationship with Broadus and he described what the relationship is like.

"Georgetown is known for being a big man school; they get their big men to the next level," replied Rabb. "Jeff Green came as a back to the basket center, never shot a jump shot in his life, and they turned him into a wing and he's pretty good. I'm not saying I want to be a wing; I just want to be skilled just like him and continue to get better year after year."

"Coach Broadus, he sends me a lot of text messages," said Rabb. "He actually sent me a picture of Coach Thompson in the stands when they were playing the Atlanta Hawks he sent me a text saying Hoya Paranoia so that basically means we're everywhere. He knows I was watching the game and I think he just wanted to say that. He's a real funny guy, he's friendly and he's real honest with me."

Rabb is a good player and a lot of colleges want this kid, but by the Hoyas being able to get him on campus may really help them and might have them as the front runner. One thing that Rabb needs to work on is being able to the demand the ball in critical moments, but other than that, he has a really good style of game and can help out Georgetown in many ways.