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Day 1 of Session 3: Allonzo Trier is the real deal

6'3" Georgetown target is the best combo guard at the EYBL.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Class of 2015 SG Allonzo Trier was the real deal today at EYBL session 3 day 1. Trier was consistent in both games today. In the first game, Trier finished the game with 33 points and 5 rebounds. The amazing thing about that is he shot 100 percent from the free throw line and he was a perfect 16-16 at he line. Trier can get to the basket anytime he wants to, pass out of double teams, and he is very consistent from behind the arc. One thing that trier needs to work on is his mid range game. Trier did talk about that a little bit today after game one. "That is one thing that I'm trying to do. A lot  of times when I put the BALL DOWN and one dribble, I see a lot of  help and it can be hard because you got to create a lot of separation."

Trier is an intriguing player because he can basically do everything and he is very unique. Trier is really aggressive and not scared to attack the basket. If defenders give him space, then he is going to shoot the ball from behind the arc and if defenders play up on him, he is going to take you to the basket. Fouling Trier is a bad idea because he basically does not miss from the free throw line. For him, it comes automatic. from what I've seen today, he can not be guarded, the only way you will be able to take him out of the game is just deny him the ball, but when you try and deny him, then he will still try to find ways to get involve in the game,

In the first game, defenders were basically trying to take way the paint from Trier. Trier talked yo Big East Coast Bias on what the defenders were doing. "They did a lot of clogging the lane and trying to bring help." That is true because when he was in the lane at times, it was like three of the team defenders on him once he stepped right in the paint. With all the being said, he still finished the game with 33 points.

At times during the first game toward the end, Trier was showing some emotion, but he kept his composure. Trier said that the team got a lot of "bang bang calls, so it's apart of basketball and you got to move on." The one thing I really liked from Trier is that he can pass the ball really well. When teams over help, it is bad for them. Once teams pressure him, he will pass the ball to his teammates.

Georgetown is really hard on him. According to 247sports, Trier is Georgetown's top target in the class of 2015. Trier is being recruited by Kevin Broadus. Trier did talk about his Georgetown and what future plans he has. "I plan on taking a visit soon, but they're more worried about me committing than taking a visit." Georgetown loves this kid a lot and he is one the top kids on they're radar. If Georgetown gets Trier commit, it will be a show because truly this kid is the real deal and is serious. Trier is really humble and loves to have fun.

For those who do not know, Trier is really close with Oklahoma City small forward Kevin Durant. Trier is a Thunder fan. I reminded him that Serge Ibaka is out the playoffs and he said "Durant told me they will have to go small so they can beat Miami. Its kind of foreshadowing."

Trier is also the leading EYBL in scoring, but defenses know about him and try to stop him, but it just does not work. As for now, Trier is playing well during EYBL and that is what he is focusing on. A decision shall come soon for him. Will have more and get a recap of how Trier think he played overall. One thing to note is that he can not be guarded by anyone.