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2015 5-star Ray Smith Talks About the Schools that Made His Top 10

Georgetown target is looking for a team that runs an uptempo offense. Will the school's academic prestige win out?

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday evening around 10:12, Big East Coast Bias got a text from 2015 Ray Smith's dad with a picture of the schools that made his top 10. The schools that made the cut is UCLA, USC, ASU, Georgetown, CAL, Oregon, Texas, Wake Forest, and Louisville. Smith talked about each school and some of the schools he talked about had the same response. Asked him to tell us why each school intrigued him.

Arizona: "Style of place and fan base. The weather does not bother me. I've lived in it for pretty much my whole life... I have great relationships with all the coaches."

Georgetown & Cal : "Prestigious schools academically. Cal runs a lot"

Wake Forest: "Good relationships with the coaches"

Texas: "They've had great success with a great big guard"

Louisville: "They run a lot and pick up full court"

UCLA, ASU, and USC: "All teams that can run and good relationships plus great locations"

One thing that Smith notice between all the schools is that "they all run or run a motion" Said Smith. Will see Smith play this weekend in Hampton, VA for EYBL session. Smith told that he might surprise everyone and come out with a top 5.