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Catching Up With Georgetown

Your esteemed writer is back with a quick look at some recent developments on the Hilltop.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

I’ve been off the writing wagon for a bit, so as I return I want to briefly catch up with some recent events affecting the Hoyas.

- Georgetown that Trey Mourning (that’s Alonzo’s son) will be attending Georgetown next season and will be on the basketball team, though whether he’ll be on scholarship remains an open question. Trey Mourning is a 6’9" power forward, and while he wasn’t a top recruit, brings a solid enough background to think he might be able to contribute. With the Hoyas desperate for big men, having him around couldn’t hurt, particularly if he isn’t taking up a scholarship

- The recent announcement that the Big East will join the Big Ten in a challenge series is great news for the Hoyas, as well as the entire conference. Not only does it virtually guarantee a good out of conference matchup for Big East teams that need to schedule up (i.e. everybody), but it makes the Big East look like an equal of the Big Ten. For a conference fighting for respect, that’s huge. And who knows, maybe the Hoyas will finally play Maryland in a regular season game.

- Finally, and perhaps most importantly, 2015 recruit Noah Dickerson committed to Georgetown. Dickerson, considered a consensus Top 50 player, is a 6’8" 250 inside bull and effective post scorer. He should fit in very well with the incoming wing talent, and gives Hoyas fans one more reason to have a reasonable belief that Georgetown is going to be really good starting in 2015.