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What the Future Holds for Georgetown Basketball

How can the Princeton offense get a spark?

Rob Carr

Fans of Georgetown, media members and etc might see a different Georgetown in the future. In the past, people only knew Georgetown for a lot of big men going to the league and them being physical in the paint. Last year, the Hoyas had multiple injuries and they had to face adversity. Georgetown's offense could possibly look different in the future and possibly this season with who they've got on there team.  If you really look at the recruits and the team, it can be a up tempo team, but a team that also will run sets and play hard nose defense. This team can still be physical, but at times, the offense can get a little stagnant.

With the athleticism on the team this year, people should not be surprised if the offense change because last year, it was some signs of that type of offense. Last year, we seen an offense at times that was all about half court sets and getting the ball down low, but then toward the end of season, when the Hoyas needed to make the stretch, they was shooting the three ball really well. Markel Starks and D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera was scoring like crazy.  Starks and Smith-Rivera led the team in scoring. Starks was averaging 17.1 points per game and Smith-Rivera was averaging 17 points per game.

During that stretch, the team was running a lot and playing good defense. It was games when Starks played the whole game or only sat down for like 5 minutes. Here is the roster as it stands right now: Smith-Rivera, Tre Campbell, Issac Copeland, Paul White, Trey Mourning, Jabrill Trawick, Bradley Hayes, Aaron Bowen, Reggie Cameron, David Adams, Mikael Hopkins, Riyan Williams, Joshua Smith,and Tyler Adams. With the roster as it currently stands as of right now, we might see an mixture of running and half court sets next season.

I don't see a problem with the team getting looser and running because if people see an exciting offense, it will draw more people to the games. At times last season , it was a lot of people at the games, but it was not on a consistent basis. The offense needs something similar to the Los Angeles Clippers, but the problem with that is how good will the defense be. Everything will depend on who they play. If they want to run teams out the gym, the players will need to get back on defense when they score a bucket. If people want to see a Georgetown team that scores more, this year might be the year. Even though people are not recognizing them, they will shock the analyst and other people.

The 2014-15 Hoyas team will be a team that will shock people because of the talent thats coming in and the talent that is already on the team.  Georgetown has athletes on this team, so who would not want to see a team that can play loose? As of now, people can look on paper and say " this team will be dangerous and decent." Just have a couple more months until people see what the offense will look like.