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Tyler Lewis talks about transferring to Butler

Newest member of the Bulldogs looks forward to 2015.


Recently former NC State guard Tyler Lewis transferred to Butler University. His first two years at NC State, Lewis was playing only 12.4 minutes per game during his freshman year and 19.9 minutes per game his sophmore year. BECB recently had the chance to talk to Lewis about the transfer and more.

BECB: So you recently transferred from NC State to Butler, can you talk about why you made the move to Butler

Lewis: Well first off I loved NC State and it was a very difficult decision. But I just prayed about it and talked it over with my family and felt like it was the best decision to switch schools. I choose Butler because they run an offense that I believe I can excel at the highest level. The coaching staff and the players showed like they really wanted me to come to Butler. On my visit I felt like it was home and I felt like I was already apart of a team. There team is like a family and I really like that about the them. So i decided to join the family.

BECB: Nice, you are now playing in the Big East with teams like Georgetown, Xavier, Marquette and etc. From your knowledge, how would you describe the conference and what are you most looking forward to?

Lewis: I can't wait to play in such a prestigious conference. I look forward to the rivalries and I cant wait to play in Madison Square Garden in the conference.

BECB:Nice. Butler almost made it to the NCAA tournament last year, what do you think you can bring to them as a point guard to get them back ti the NCAA tournament?

Lewis: Just be one of the best floor generals I can be. Also be a tremendous leader on and off the court.

BECB:Can you talk about some of your strengths, weakness and some of the things you playing on working on this offseason?

Lewis: Strengths- Leading a team, passing. high basketball IQ and creating for myself and others.

Weakness- Strength and lateral quickness

Plan on hitting the weight room really hard to get up to 175-180. And get a little bit quicker.

BECB: What attracted you to Butler in terms of basketball wise?

Lewis: There offense and runs a lot of ball screens.

BECB: What can fans expect from that team next season?

Lewis: This season I will not be able to play,but I expect a team that's going to play hard day in and day out. A team that's going to be well coached and players will be unselfish. This year they have Roosevelt back from injury and it's going be a key for there success.