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Jackson Davis talks about his commitment to Butler

Davis is Butler's third signee in the Class of 2014.

Chris Chambers

Yesterday around 3:45 pm, Jackson Davis put a hat on and it was a Butler hat. Davis did take a while to commit to a school, but it was worth it because while he was taking his time, Butler got some good transfers. BECB had a chance to catch with Jackson for a question and answer. Jackson is really excited about what is to come when he steps on camps.

BECB: So it was a long process, can you just talk about it and what it was like?

Davis: It was a fun experience. It was great finding out what different schools had to offer and where the schools coaches see me fitting into each program.

BECB: Butler was recruiting you hard, what are some of the things basketball wise that you like?

Davis: I would have an immediate impact.

BECB:Butler has acquired Tyler Lewis and a few other players, did that play a role in choosing Butler?

Davis: Only a minor role. The educational opportunities and the coaching staff played the biggest role.

BECB:So people do not give the Big East the credit, what do you like about the Big East?

Davis: The level of play and the level of the competition.

BECB:What are something a you are looking forward to when you step on campus?

Davis: Having the opportunity to play in HInkle Fieldhouse.

BECB:What type of contributions offensively and defensively that you can make?

Davis: I think I can have impact on both ends of the floor.

BECB:What do you plan on working on this summer to improve your game. Is there anything specifically?

Davis: I will be working on ball handling.

BECB:What was the visit like when you visited?

Davis: I enjoyed my visit. When I stepped on campus, it felt like home.

BECB:You met Brad Stevens, did that kind of set it off and got you interested in Butler because of the reputation he has?

Davis: No. Coach Miller and Coach Holtman are both great coaches that I believe will take us to the next level. They're the reason I was interested in Butler