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Georgetown Recruits Keep Looking Better

The stock is soaring for next year's Hoya freshmen.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The Hoyas have been talking about their 2014 recruiting class with happy faces for a while, and things seem to be getting better.

Isaac Copeland’s stock has been rising at a breackneck pace all year. He topped the list of ESPN’s "biggest risers". He is now considered by them to be a five star recruit (their top rank), and listed as the 16th best overall incoming freshman.

LJ Peak, already considered a prolific scorer, got even more prolific and developed ball handling and three point range. He also saw his ranking shoot up to 31st overall in the incoming freshman class.

Let’s also not forget Paul White, who is ranked 34th. Most observers also believe that Tre Campbell can contribute immediately at point guard, and there is a still a chance that Hoya legacy Trey Mourning will join the team for next year as well.

In short, things are looking up for the Hoyas. This team has 2016 monster written all over it.