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Georgetown: Domingo to Transfer

Little used wing struggled at Georgetown, headed to Stanford


Georgetown announced last week that guard Stephen Domingo, who just completed his sophomore season, would transfer.

Domingo was recruited as a sharpshooting specialist out of California. He did receive some chances to play in both of his seasons, but showed no shooting prowess whatsoever. He finished his career with 11 made field goals in 40 attempts (3 for 27 from three), and 4 of 10 from the free throw line. He was unable to demonstrate any other skills that would justify playing time, and John Thompson III quickly lost confidence in him. With the influx of wing talent coming into Georgetown next year, Domingo’s transfer was expected as it became very difficult to see any path to playing time for him.

Domingo will enroll at Stanford, and presumably begin playing his junior season there in 2015-16. Domingo left high school a year early, so missing a season may very well help his development and enable him to be a surprise contributor for the Cardinal.