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Final Score: Seton Hall defeats New York Institute of Technology 7-6

The Pirates took home another victory this time at the hands of New York Institute of Technology.


A slow start, but a strong finish, coming back to their senses and playing their usual ball, the Seton Hall Pirates defeated the New York Institute of Technology Bears at the beautiful Owen T. Carroll Field in South Orange by a score of 7-6, winning on a game-winning home run by First Baseman Sal Annunziata in the tenth inning.

Annunziata remarked after the game to John Fanta of the Pirate Sports Network, "I was just trying to get a ball, you know, middle in, put it in the air, and, I got the pitch to do it, and came out with the win."

This is the Pirates second win in a row and their fifth win in their last seven games. In that stretch they beat Princeton, Butler and Wagner, and now NYIT twice.

"I was just trying to get a ball, you know, middle in, put it in the air, and, I got the pitch to do it, and came out with the win." - Sal Annunziata

NYIT was held hitless yesterday through the first 6.1 innings, but today their leadoff man got a triple and the team scored a run in the first inning. After winning 21-1 yesterday, Seton Hall had a slow start, not scoring until the seventh inning. Both starting pitchers, Anthony Elia of Seton Hall and Jake Axley of NYIT gave up a mere one earned run and under eight hits in over six innings of work.

Seton Hall came within one run in the bottom of the seventh inning when Zack Weigel knocked a triple and later in the inning, Annunziata hit in the tying run. The Hall was close to tying it in that inning, but Thomas Joannou inhibited that from happening making a fantastic catch to save them from taking the lead.

Anthony Martelli helped NYIT take the lead in the top of the eighth inning with a single, but shortly after Seton Hall was able to get the lead behind a great crowd of over 200 fans all over the campus and stadium.

"They got off to a quick start," Outfielder Zack Weigel said after the game. "They got that one run in the first, and then kinda added to it a little bit, and I think we just got a little bit outside ourself at the beginning, you know, we just kept battling and battling, and the towards the later part of the game, we kinda just strung a few hits together, and thats the things about this team, we're not gonna go down easy."

Multiple scouts were present at the game, one scouting pitcher Conor Krauss, who could not close for the Pirates successfully in his appearance, and instead Ryan Testani got the job done, giving up the tying run on a sac fly, but not an earned run.