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NBA Draft Profile: Semaj Christon

How would Xavier's star fare in the NBA if he leaves early?

Joe Robbins

Birth Date: November 1, 1992

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Team: Xavier

Position: Guard

Class: Sophomore

Height: 6’3″

Weight: 190 lbs


NBA Comparison: Eric Bledsoe





-Playmaking Ability


-Ball handling


-Commits too many turnovers

-Perimeter/free throw shooting



Xavier Assistant Coach Travis Steele: "A very driven kid, very focused and loves basketball." "I had a chance to coach Mike Conley, Eric Gordon and even Jordan Crawford when he transferred in. I would put Semaj up against any of them."

Xavier Coach Chris Mack: "The biggest thing that surprises me about him is how high his ceiling is, he’s going to be a really special player."


Bottom Line: Semaj Christon is an underrated star guard for Xavier University, and has all the potential in the world plus quality stats to back him up. Christon is not a completely polished NBA Prospect. He will need to work on perimeter shooting and free throw shooting in addition to committing less turnovers in order to be drafted in the late first round.