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2014 Jackson Davis has five campus visits scheduled

Unofficial to Butler and Official to Creighton

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

Lafayette forward Jackson Davis has scheduled five visits to colleges over the next few weeks and he will be visiting two Big East schools.

The highly rated prospect that is in the Class of  2014 will start his visit with an unofficial to Butler on Sunday, according to his mom, Ginger Davis. After the unofficial to Butler, Davis will take another unofficial to Vanderbilt on April 11. The forward will then take three officials to Alabama on April 18-20, Creighton on May 2-4 and Arizona State on May 9-11. According to his mom, each school is in the mix and he will have an decision made by time the end of signing period . Davis has had in home visits with Butler, Auburn, and Arizona State.

Davis was commited to Rice, but is no longer interested in the school since uncommiting to the school.  Davis did take an offficial to Columbia and Rice. Columbia is also in the mix and he took an official to the school in the fall of last year as his mom told me.

According to his mom, she told Big East Coast Bias that the amount of interest they had in Auburn did rise after the talk they had with one of the coaches. The Davis family wants to learn a little more about the school. After the talk the family had with the coach from Florida, Florida is the only school that has not offered him yet. His mom has not scheduled an unofficial to Florida yet.