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2014 Jackson Davis has two Big East Schools in his top 7

2014 PF looking at Butler and Creighton.

Jackson Davis, who is an 2014 Power foward from Lexington, Kentucky, has now opened his list back to the seven instead of six. Davis goes to school at Lafayette High school is wanted by each and everyone of those schools on his list. Davis top 7 schools is Alabama, Arizona State, Butler, Columbia, Creighton, Florida and Vanderbilt.

Davis Father told Adam Zagoria of SNYTV that "they all have an immediate need for his skill set. There is no one like him on their rosters. He can play right away and make mistakes without looking over his shoulder."  For those who don't know, Davis did commit to Rice, then opened his recruitment back up.

Davis mom told BECB that they will have a list by the end of the week of when they're visiting the schools that are not in the NCAA tournament. They will talk to Florida assistant John Pelphrey tonight his mom told BECB. Davis father told Adam Zagoria that  there is no timetable for when he will make the decision and that the schools will have to wait. Davis is  highly recruited by each of these schools in his top 7, but only one can have him. The family will visit schools that are in the NCAA tournament once they are bumped out.

According to 247, Jackson is the 5th best Power Foward in the state of Kentucky. Also, 247 has him as a three star player that equals a composite rating of 0.8345. BECB will try to get more tonight on how the call went with Florida and follow my timeline for more.