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Seton Hall target 2014 Marvin Clark will make an decision on March 24

Wichita native has Seton Hall in his top four.

Crystal Logiudice-US PRESSWIRE

A kid growing up in a place where that changed him as a person through hard times when he was young. I'm talking about Marvin Clark from Wichita, KS. Marvin goes to school at Sunrise Christian Academy. From what I've watched in his documentary and talking to him, he is really humble and appreciates everything.  His father died when he was young and had a lot of tough times, but basketball has helped him pull through.

Clark, who is a 6'7'' and weighs 220 pounds, played for Mokan Elite for a long time and has really grown into a good player. Clark has Seton Hall in his top 4 and will make an announcement on March 24th. The other schools that he will choose from are Michigan State, Kansas State, and Indiana. Sunrise head coach told Kyle Lindstead told SNYTV "He's a shooter, he's a big-time shooter, scorer," Lindsted said. "He's had 30 on several of the Kansas JUCOs as we play them. He had 30 on Hutchinson [Community College] in one 20-minute scrimmage, so he's capable of big numbers."

Today, BECB had a chance to talk to his journey throughout his high school career and in two words he described it as "hard fought". This season Clark averaged 24 points per game which is really good. Clark really likes Seton hall because of the incoming class and the school in general. Big decision for Clark, but he is a kid that will make an impact with any school as a small foward. More to come when he makes his decision on the 24th of this month. Big East Coast Bias will have more and will get an interview with Clark.