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Interview with Georgetown Hoyas Commit Marcus Derrickson

Member of the Class of 2015 talks about his growth and more.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Marcus Derrickson, a class of 2015 player that attends Paul VI in Virgina and has already committed to Georgetown around the time the basketball season was about to start for high school.  Derrickson, who is a player that can shoot the ball from the perimeter, drive it, post, and get to the free throw line.  One thing that Derrickson has been working on throughout the entire basketball season was coming out playing with the same mentality.

"I am starting to get it mentally. I am starting to learn how to draw double teams to help my teammates," said Derrickson. "I am trying to become more of a facilitator, but still got to score." Against Dematha in the WCAC championship, Derrickson finished the game with 9 points and 7 rebounds.  The Hoyas really love him and his style of play too.

Derrickson was on all WCAC first team and talked about what it meant to him.  "It means a lot to me and I got to live up to something," said Derrickson. "Got to work hard." Derrickson has grown as a player and is really versatile and can play on the ball and off the ball. He has really good defense. Derrickson will most likely be playing for EYBL for team takeover during the summer. This is really huge for him to get that oppurtunity because he can gel more with his teammates going into the high school basketball season in 2014. Derrickson will be playing along with three teammates that will include Josh Reaves, Kevin Dorsey, and Frank Howard.

Going into the summer, look at what he does to improve his game. Derrickson is really good physically, but at times his mentality is not always the same and we see sometimes a different player. The Hoyas love Derrickson and he loves Georgetown. When he arrives on campus, he will have the oppurtunity to play with Tre Campbell, who is at St Johns high school finishing out his senior and played for team takeover EYBL team during the summer of 2013. Watch out for Derrickson soon.