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Introduction to Georgetown Hoyas class of 2014 signees

Introduction to all the high school players that have signed with Georgetown.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

For those who don't follow Georgetown recruiting, let me tell you something about all of them. Tre Campbell, who is an point guard in the DC area that plays for St John's college high school. Campbell is a point guard that is really versatile and can do multiple things when he has the ball. Campbell is a play-maker, scorer, pass, and can get his teammates involve when he needs to. Tre is not a selfish player and is very vocal. I've seen him play multiple times in his senior season and he catches my eye every time. Over the course of his senior season, Campbell has been playing well and his team has won 25 straight games. Look out for him next season when he's on the court.

The next Hoya commit is from Chicago and plays for Whitney Young High School and his name is Paul White. White is a crafty low post scorer and can shoot the ball from 17 feet. When people double team him, he can pass the ball out of the low post and kick it out to a wing player. White loves to drive baseline and rip the ball. White is a very versatile small and power forward depending on the lineup the other team has on the court.

Isaac Copeland, who goes to Brewster Academy in North Carolina s really a good player and can do a lot of things on the court. Isaac is a long, lean and is really athletic. From my perspective, he really has a good shot mechanics, soft touch, and can shoot from mid range. Copeland can play and is really good. For all Hoyas fans, be on the lookout for when he is the floor.

The last and final Hoyas commit is LJ Peak. Peak goes to Gaffney High School in South Carolina. Peak is a scoring machine. This guy can score about 50 a game if he wanted to. Peak can score from anywhere and is a freak of nature. Peak can score and can get his team involved. I also have to note that the basketball leagues in South Carolina are not as good. He can also shoot the trey ball and has improved since freshman. People in college might want to watch out because you might just get put on his highlight tape and he will be a freshman at Georgetown next year.

Georgetown fans, you have a good class of basketball players that are coming on campus next year. You will be a better team than you are this year. The Hoyas class might be one of the best in the country and a lot of people might can agree with that. All Hoyas fans be on the lookout for those four on campus. Georgetown still has some scholarships left also.