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Xavier vs. IUPUI: Halftime Notes

Xavier has a small lead over IUPUI at halftime in Cincinnati.

Gary Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

  • Xavier and IUPUI have both pulled down fifteen boards in the first half, if Xavier does not want a bad home loss to the Jaguars, they will need to start using their superior size to pull down more rebounds.
  • IUPUI has more steals than Xavier (6-7, respectively). If the Muskies want to win this game, they will need to step up their perimeter pressure and get more steals/fast breaks
  • Xavier has only scored 27 points so far, that is incredibly low compared to games they have won this season.  If Xavier is to win this game, they will need to step up their scoring dramatically in the second half
  • Xavier's leaders, Matt Stainbrook and Dee Davis, are not playing like leaders.  Stainbrook has only four points on three shot attempts and Dee only has a single assist.  Their leadership will be necessary to a Xavier win.
  • Xavier is shooting 42.9% from two-point field goals and 25% from three, if they expect to win this game they will need to boost both of those percentages.