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3PT Preview: Providence vs Brown

The Friars look to bounce back from a loss to Boston College

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

After an extremely disappointing loss to Boston College, the Friars are going to try and bounce back against Brown at the Dunkin' Donuts Center. Looking at the schedule, Friar fans probably assume this is just another local cupcake game, but last year the Friars only won by four points. This game presents a good opportunity for Providence to gain some confidence coming off two away loses.

How will the Friars respond to a loss against the worst team in the ACC?

A loss against an ACC team is not the worst thing in the world, but it was still a disappointing loss to all Friar fans considering they have not won a game at Boston College since 2004. That was back when Ryan Gomes was on the team and they were ranked 24th in the nation. The biggest flaw against the Eagles was the Friars' defense. After holding Kentucky to only 59 points, you allow the laughing stock of the ACC to score 69 points on you? That just won't get it done against any Big East team, and Ed Cooley probably made it very clear that their defensive performance against BC can not happen again. Brown is currently 4-6 and was blown out by Northwestern and Illinois, but anything can happen in college basketball. I don't think Michigan could ever imagine they would lose to the New Jersey Institute of Technology and I don't think anyone thought Yale would beat the defending National Champions. This is a golden opportunity for Providence to gain some confidence, and they need to take advantage of it heading into their rivalry game against URI.

Will LaDonate Henton Bounce Back?

Going into the Friars away game against Kentucky, Henton was averaging about 30 points a game. Over the past two games he has only averaged six. When Henton played against Kentucky, John Calipari played Will Cauley-Stein on him and he only scored three points the entire game. I don't think that game should even count on Henton's stat line. What was he supposed to do? The most athletic player he has ever played against was guarding him the whole game, not to mention Cauley-Stein has about seven inches taller than him. On the other hand, I did not think Boston College would only hold him to nine points shooting and 4-16 from the field. In order for the Friars to have success he has to at least score in double figures every single game. I understand Henton can't average thirty points a game for the entire season but he is definitely the best scorer on the team and he needs to play well. Brown is not a good defensive team and their 66-49 loss was the fewest number of points a team has scored against them the entire season. Henton should have plenty of open looks to get himself back on track.

Will Kris Dunn Continue his Great Offensive Performances?

Even though the Friars lost, Kris Dunn had the best offensive performance of his career against Boston College. He shot 10-13 from the field and finished with 24 points. This is the Kris Dunn the Friars need if they are going to repeat as Big East Champions. Kris has been getting better every single game, and he should look to attack the basket every offensive possession against Brown because there is no one on the Bears that can guard him. If he plays well against Brown, it sets him in good position to have a career night against URI, which a lot of Friar fans are calling the most important game of the year.