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Georgetown Hoyas' phenomenal play on both sides of the ball lead to a 76-42 win over Towson Tigers

Georgetown played well on offense and defense and that led to dominating Towson throughout the whole game.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

After watching the game against Towson yesterday, this may have been one of the best performances the Georgetown offense has had so far this season. Joshua Smith was really aggressive at the start of the game and demanding the ball, which was something that he needed to do. Because, at times, he would just sit and wait for his teammates. Smith being aggressive early was really important because the offense completely opened up in terms of getting the three ball to go down.

Georgetown shot 11-for-22 from behind the arc and also dominated the paint. By them dominating in the paint and establishing the presence early, the Tigers either had to guard Smith down low or just allow the shooters to be wide open from behind the arc. Smith thought that was really important because he scored 12 points, but that also allowed more people to score.

"I feel like when we control the boards, these guys like to get out in transition and with our offense everybody is a weapon." Said Smith, who allowed that to happen because he attracts so many defenders who try to stop him. Georgetown had six players make at least one shot from behind the arc, which means that offense is starting to evolve because of how many weapons they have on the team.

Head coach John Thompson III also is starting to notice something about how the offense is starting to come along really well. Thompson III believes that his team "is a better shooting team than we have shown". The team defense also translated on offense because when a team plays good defense, the offense will continue to roll. That is what Georgetown did all game.

Thompson III's team was really attentive to what Towson was trying to do.  "I thought we did a very good job of helping each other, which our defense has to continue to progress...I thought that they [Towson] did a very good job of stunting and showing and supporting that attentiveness. We focused on that a lot this week and I thought they did a good job right from the beginning and sustained it. That's a pretty good team. They are better than the final score indicates."

The more the Hoyas continue to play defense, the more the offense will look better and we may see performances like this more in the future if they play hard and work.  Towson's head coach believed that his team was excited for this game and that took a huge toll on them in a bad way. They did not expect this to be a blowout.

Georgetown will need to continue to this play like this because this will really help them going into conference play. If they perform like this against Kansas, then they will get more national exposure and it will also help the Big East, who has been doing phenomenal as a conference.