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Xavier vs. Alabama: First Half recap

Xavier's leader Matt Stainbrook gets into early foul trouble, but the Musketeers find offense otherwise.

Reynolds has been impressive
Reynolds has been impressive
Kelly Lambert-USA TODAY Sports

Xavier started off the season playing great basketball on the offensive end of the floor, scoring ninety points on multiple occasions.  Xavier is being led in scoring at the half by junior guard Remy Abell who has eleven points on three of five shooting.  He is the sole musketeer to score in double figures thus far but there has been a variety of scoring with three others Xavier players posting more than five points.

Sean O'Mara has been forced into a more prominent role tonight due to Matt Stainbrook's foul trouble, He has been able to draw fouls and get to the line, he has four points thanks to his perfect free throw shooting.  Jalen Reynolds has been a force around the basket in the force twenty minutes, nabbing three boards and throwing down two very impressive and athletic dunks.  James Farr has continued his consistent rebounding in this game and has grabbed five boards already this game.

Defense, the Achilles's Heel of this young Xavier team, has actually been much improved thus far.  They are holding the Crimson Tide to under forty percent shooting in both two and three points field goals.  They also have out-rebounded Alabama by seven in the first half, which has been a staple for Xavier this season.  Levi Randolph, Alabama's most prolific scorer, has been held to a mere two points in the first half and has been out of rhythm as well as in foul trouble.  If Xavier can continue these trends and Stainbrook stays out of foul trouble expect the Muskies to walk away with a victory.