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DePaul vs. Chicago State Halftime Notes

The Blue Demons are cruising with a large lead over their cross-town foe at halftime. The score at the break is 47-30.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

  • Tommy Hamilton has been all over Chicago State.  The Cougars can't stop him in the paint or on the perimeter.  He's got 17 points and has shot 100% from the field, including going 1/1 from behind the arc.
  • Despite seeing over 16 minutes tonight, Billy Garrett, Jr. hasn't been able to get any shots to fall.  He has been hampered by foul trouble and has only put up one shot so far.
  • The Myke Henry show seems to be back to its regular schedule.  Henry has returned to the dominant ways we have seen earlier in the season, providing a solid offensive boost for the Blue Demons.  He has 12 points at the break and he is 2/2 from the parabola.
  • DePaul is shooting over 60%.  I guess that's good, if you're into winning ballgames and such.
  • Apologies, but there are literally no reliable box scores from any major sites, from ESPN to CBS to FOX to Statmonitr.  It's ridiculous that they get no coverage tonight from anyone, likely just because they're playing at a WAC school.  Hopefully all is sorted out before the end of the game.