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Big East New Year's Resolutions: Georgetown Hoyas

What does Georgetown need to do to be ready for conference play?

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Joshua Smith not getting in foul trouble

Joshua Smith is a terrific player when he does not get in foul trouble, and he can have a complete game. Smith has had a lot of games were he gets in foul trouble, which, at points hurts the team. Also, if he is not in foul trouble, the offense will continue to be open and people want to see him play more than 27 minutes a game. If Smith does not get in foul trouble like he did in nonconference play, John Thompson III may play him longer because he does so much. Smith allows the offense to be so much better and it allows the shooters to shoot the ball because he attracts so much attention. Smith is used on 28% of Georgetown's offensive possessions, which is good because he is productive.

Defending the perimeter

Georgetown's perimeter defense is horrible at times and it will need to be fixed going into conference play. Georgetown is allowing teams to be open a lot, which is bad because some of the teams in conference are good three point shooting teams and that can hurt Georgetown. Based off watching the Indiana game, defending the perimeter was something that John Thompson III put an huge emphasis on. So going into conference play, Georgetown will need to stay on the man and communicate better so teams will not be open.

Aaron Bowen will average more points

The play of Aaron Bowen will has been incredible for the first part of the season, which is good because they need a player like this. Georgetown has been playing well when he is in the game, because he has done so much. His enegry has been great and if his minutes continue to rise, his points will rise and may average more than 12 points per game by the end of the season.